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Testimonials as a player and as a tutor.

"Lead trumpet players are rare birds; they must possess a faultless technique, a four-octave range, and be able to read anything perfectly at sight across the widest possible range of styles.  Michael Lovatt has all of these capabilities allied to a glowing, golden tone and the ability and authority to inspire not only a whole brass section but an entire orchestra.  He is also and good and kind man, qualities which shine through his joyous playing."

John Wilson : Leader The John Wilson Orchestra



"It has been my distinct honor and pleasure to have the privelege to make music with mike for several years.  mike is simply one of the very best musicians - ever!  although his 'lead' trumpet playing is superb, (he never misses, his sound throughout the entire range - in his caseā€¦a huge one! - his musical conception, (time, taste, etc) is always perfect!  - Mike is one of the most 'musical' musicians I've ever heard!  on top of all this, he's a great section leader and player - a wonderful teacher and a very fine gentleman.  Mike is at the very top of my 'first call' list!"

Jiggs Whigham



"I have been lucky enough to work with Mike on a number of occasions both in the studio on commercial projects and in the LSO. Working with great players such as Mike is always a priveledge with one of his strongest attributes being his versatility. There are very few players with this versatility which makes him a very special musician both on and off the concert platform. "

Philip Cobb - Principal Trumpet The London Symphony Orchestra



"There are many musicians that one comes across in the course of decades of work, but it is rare to find a musician as capable, affable and to the core professional, as Mike Lovatt.

He and his trumpet speak with one voice and it is an education to witness his music-making.  Any student of the instrument, any student of music, would be privileged to have his guidance."

Jessye Norman

New York



"Much lauded by his peers and highly illustrious in his field, I recommend Mike Lovatt to any conductor, arranger or producer in a heartbeat. Added to which, he's great company."

Gareth Valentine (Musical Director/Arranger)






"When I first moved to London I saw Mike in addition to the lessons I was receiving at college as he was the 'chops doctor' by reputation. Upon studying with Mike it became apparent he was more than just a 'solver of chops related problems'; not only did I find his knowledge and understanding of the art of trumpet playing incredibly comprehensive, but he is a fantastic teacher who is inspiring as both a trumpeter and musician. I still use many of the skills and tools Mike taught me to this day in order to try and keep furthering my ability."


"When I came to record my debut album of big band music, I immediately asked Mike to play lead trumpet. Not only because he's one of the most (if not the most) in-demand lead trumpet players in London; but also I had written some of the trumpet parts with him in mind. Thankfully he agreed, and was incredibly generous with his time and wisdom. I know Mike is notorious for playing lead trumpet with the John Wilson Orchestra; for which he's undoubtedly recognised as one of the best light orchestral trumpet players in the world, however I was amazed at just how easily he was able to interpret my more contemporary big band arrangements with his great musicality and beautiful sound."

Reuben Fowler Jazz Trumpet Star and contemporary Jazz composer


"I can say with ease that Mike has played a huge part in helping me develop as a trumpet player, and to reach the level that I am currently at. Having had my fair share of confidence issues, I always left the lessons feeling much better about playing. Mike has always been a constant source of support and inspiration, and for that I am hugely grateful."

Barney Lowe : Freelance Trumpet Professional & Band Leader


"I first met Mike in 2007, a friend recommended his as a teacher, and from that day I have never looked back.

Since taking my first lesson from Mike he has helped me in every aspect of my playing and this was done via the magic of the maggio method of which Mike is very passionate about.

His enthusiastic, methodical and friendly approach I feel has given me so much more strength with an added confidence in my playing and for this I cannot thank him enough. About 12 months ago I was given the chance to try a Mike Lovatt ML6 Lead mouthpiece and have be a convert ever since!

The ML6 gives me the sound, range with a super comfortable rim I have been searching for over many years of playing. It's the one!"

Kris Jones : Freelance Trumpet Professional.

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